The West Texas Chapters

Exploring a state the size of a country can be overwhelming, but in its thousands of miles Texas hides some of the most beautiful, wild, and wonderful hiking experiences. Rugged deserts, treacherous canyons, freezing ancient rivers, rolling sand dunes, forgotten forests and high desert peaks are just a few of the backpacking options available to anyone willing to explore West Texas. While hiking and driving through the Lone Star State, let the sense of the true Wild West wash over you as you enjoy the simple lifestyle and lovely manners of those who inhabit the Rio Valley. Texas has it all, and its waiting to be explored.

Top Ten Best Spots In West Texas

West Texas, home of cowboys, great BBQ and Mexican food, mountains, and much, much more.

Big Bend - The Desert

Big Bend National Park

Explore the rugged deserts, canyons, and valleys of desolate and lonely national park.

Big Bend - The Mountains

Big Bend National Park

See Texas from a different light high up in the Chisos.

The Top of Texas, Guadalupe Peak

Guadalupe National Park

Summit the highest point in the Lone Star State.

Hiking the Blue Ridge Trail

Guadalupe National Park

Explore the ancient ocean floor 4,000 feet above sea level, in Guadalupe National Park.

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