The Wilderness Chapters

National and state parks may provide access and protection to some of the most iconic and beautiful areas in the country, but we can't forget about the hundreds of thousands of acres of land considered to be "wilderness". For those looking to get away from the pavement, commotion, and crowds, wilderness areas give a haven for those looking to escape. And don't be fooled into thinking you'll be missing out, the scenery of some wilderness areas compare even to the best national parks.

Hiking the Never Summer Wilderness

Never Summer Wilderness

Wilderness areas are all but forgotten in a state that sports national parks in every direction.

Exploring Escalante


A tranquil garden concealed within the canyons of a forlorn National Monument.

Hiking the Lost Coast

King Range National Conservation Area

Among a state of thirty-million hides a long forgotten shoreline.

Hiking Algonquin Peak

Adirondacks High Peaks Wilderness

The tallest isn't always the best, Algonquin is proof that second place can also hold amazing views.

Hiking the Wind River Range

Wind River Range

Find true wilderness in the least populated county, in the least populated state.

Exploring the Black Hills

Black Hills National Forest

Explore the rocky crags and crevices of a mystical national forest that rivals the beauty of any national park.

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